Kung Fu Panda Karate


Kung Fu Panda Karate

The basics of karate are taught in a fun and achievable way. By using fun and creative teaching methods the children develop the coordination and self-confidence needed to continually learn and achieve both in karate and in other areas of their lives.


Kung Fu Panda "Cubs"

For children ages four to five and a half.

In these classes, the teaching of the basic karate skills are alternated with fun coordination activities. As the children's, concentration and coordination improves, the more karate they learn. This is all achieved while having a lot of fun!

Kung Fu Panda Bear

At the end of each class, a child is given the Kung Fu Panda bear to take home for one week and then he is returned for another child to do the same.

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Class attendance: Once a week
Spring 2018 Season: Classes start from Thursday, 18th January

Beginners Class:

5 & 6 years: Wednesday 17:10 - 17:55
(8+ years - see Kids Fitness Page)

Stripe Classes

Black / Orange / Green Stripe: 5 - 6  years — Monday -17:10 - 17:55
Green / Blue / Purple Stripe: 6 - 7 years — Tuesday - 17:10 - 17:55
Blue/ Purple Stripe: 6 - 7 years — Thursday - 17:10 - 17:55

Class Size

Karate “Cubs”  – 8 children in a class
Kung Fu Panda Karate  – 8 to 12 children in a class

Cost: Beginners 285.00€ for the season. This amount includes the karate kit, which is a Karate gi, Kung Fu Panda T-shirt and a karate bag.

Kung Fu Panda Karate Kids (with stripes) - 240€ per season

The length of the season is between 14 and 16 weeks.

Payment invoice will be sent to you prior to the start of the season.
If new to karate, the payment invoice will then be payable only after two classes have been attended.

Change of class day - date to be advised
The children will do gym instead of karate. Gi pants and a T-shirt can be worn for this class.

“Bring a parent” - Beginner classes only - date to be advised 
Each child brings a parent to class and together you train some karate.

“Bring a friend” - date to be advised
Your child can bring a friend to class and together they enjoy a fun karate class.


Please check the calendar to see and confirm all upcoming events.

Visit calendar page »

Language instruction:  Finnish and English

Once it is sure that your child is happy to continue with classes, you can then collect the karate gi, T-shirt and karate bag. The cost of this is included in the tuition amount. If preferred, you can purchase the karate gi elsewhere.

After three or four weeks have passed, the children will be tested on the basics they have learned and will be awarded the Kung Fu Panda karate badge. This then needs to be sewn on the left side of the gi jacket.

If your child is having a birthday and would like to have a “Karate Party or any other party do visit our MoovKids party page for further information.

Visit the party page »

Darlene has a fantastic way of instructing

Darlene has a fantastic way of instructing as she educates and encourages children during the training.
Gentle and at the same time firm.

Magnus Ehrnrooth

father of Charlotta (5)


Magnus Ehrnrooth

father of Charlotta (5)

Darlene has a fantastic way of instructing as she educates and encourages children during the training. Gentle and at the same time firm.

Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! Great Karate classes ran by amazing Darlene Koskinen.

Aidas and Janetta Barkauskas


Aidas and Janetta Barkauskas

Highly recommend! Great Karate classes ran by amazing Darlene Koskinen.

Kung Fu Panda "Kids"

For ages six to seven and a half.

More focus is given to executing the basic blocks, punches, kicks and stances correctly. Partner training is introduced and basic combinations learned. Additional karate etiquette is taught and the children learn some karate terminology.

The children will experience wearing body protection to practice basic fighting skills. There will be a continued focus on developing body strength and coordination through fun activities.

This video will give you an idea of what the classes are all about:

Benefits of Karate

Promotes physical lifestyle

Teaches self-discipline

Instils a sense of respect

Learn how to set and achieve goals

Increased self-esteem

Boosts socialisation skills

Teaches patience

Improved all round body coordination

Teaches creativity

Children have fun!


What the children learn in class

Basic karate Discipline

Basic punching, kicking and blocking

Different karate stances

How to work with a partner

How to punch and kick targets

Activities to improve coordination

Games that improve reflexes

Exercises to improve flexibility

Skills to learn balance and stability

To respect the dojo and karate rules.

Grading System

The children do a grading or group karate test at the end of each season. They are awarded a colour stripe for their belt which is determined by their age at the time of grading.

Karate Fu Panda "Cubs" Stripe System:

    4 – 4½ years, Red Stripe

    4½ - 5 years, Black Stripe

    5 – 5 ½  years, Orange Stripe

Kung Fu Panda Karate Stripe System:

    5½ - 6 years – Level 1, Green Stripe

    6 - 6½ years – Level 2, Blue Stripe

    6½ - 7 years – Level 3, Purple Stripe

    7 - 7½ years, Yellow Stripe (Jnr yellow belt)

What comes after Kung Fu Panda Karate...

Once your child is graded to a junior yellow belt (9th Kyu Advanced) they move into the club system and become officially affiliated to the style of karate I teach which is known as Shukokai. Once in club karate the children learn more about competitive karate, learn various kata's, self-defence and more advanced karate techniques.

How to Tie a Karate Belt

One of the biggest challenges for parents and young karate students is how to tie the karate belt correctly.

Here is a video to help you achieve this.


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