MoovKids Camps

We offer the following different camps

Basic Camp Itinerary for all full day camps

09:00 - 09:30   Free play

09:30 - 11:30   Outdoor activity, free play & snack

11:30 - 12:00   Walk back to MoovKids, wash hands etc.

12:00 - 12:45   Lunch

12:45 - 13:30   Chat or story time

13:30 - 14:30   Indoor activity

14:30 - 15:00   Snack on outdoor veranda 

15:00 - 15:45   Indoor or outdoor activity

15:45 - 16:00   Tidy up, duties, home time

Camp Details

TimesCostMealsSupervisionFacilitiesLanguage InstructionAllergiesRequired Extras

9:00 - 16:00 For all day camps.

9:00 - 12:30 For Mini Gym Camps

Drop off from 8:45.

Full day camp - 240.00€.  includes a hot lunch and 2 snack a day.

Mini Gym Camps - 125€. Includes snack

All camp prices

Family discount if second child attending

The hot lunch is eaten at a nearby lunch restaurant.

Morning and afternoon snack is provided for all day camps.

Supervised by two to three experienced adults per group.

Maximum 15 children, minimum 8.

Large 200m² area for activities.

Second indoor area of 100m².

Separate girls and boys change rooms.

Kitchen area with tables and chairs.

Summer Sports Camps: English, Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian.

Karate Camp language: English, Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian.

MoovKids Mini Gym Camp: English, Finnish

If your child has any allergies, food or other please inform us.

If your child has difficulties of any kind, whether they are shy, struggle to socially interact or are nervous about something, please take the time to chat with the adults in charge of the camp so we can handle any situation that may arise appropriately.

Outdoor sports shoes.

Shoes for walking to and from the lunch place.

Raincoat or waterproof jacket.

Water bottle.

Cap or hat.


Please mark your child's name in all of their belongings.

Summer Sports Camps

Camp Description

Our most popular camp that includes a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and activities. A wide range of small and large equipment is used. Skill focused coordination activities are incorporated into all the sporting sessions to improve all-round body coordination, flexibility and fitness. The children also enjoy free time in one of the three nearby playgrounds.


Summer 2021 camps - dates to be advised


Recreational Gymnastics
Floor Hockey
Outdoor team games
Outdoor ball games
Fun with musical instruments
Parachute Activities
Fitness challenges
Chat times about healthy living and eating

Karate Camps

Karate Camp Description

Camps for children who wish to learn karate or who already do karate. The basic punches, blocks, stances and kicks are taught and a variety of games and other sporting activities are interwoven into the karate camp days. Advanced techniques are taught to experienced karate students.


Summer 2021 camp dates to be advised

Karate Activities (Summer Karate Camp)

The teaching of the following:

Learning the basic punching techniques.
How to do the basic karate kicks correctly.
The 4 basic blocks used in kumite.
The 4 most common karate stances.
How to react quickly and correctly.
Basic self-defense techniques.
About the history of karate.
The discipline required for karate and why.
Fun partner activities.
Games supporting all of the above.
Testing fitness and flexibility.

Other Activities

Outdoor free play.
Ball games.
Short runs.

Extra requirements

A karate gi if your child has one.
Own punch gloves if possible but we have plenty too.
Lots of energy!

MoovKids Mini Gym Camps

Camp Description

Your children will experience a wide variety of movement activities that support all round body coordination physical self confidence. The physical and cognitive benefits of structured movement activities when learnt at a young age are endless. Your children will benefit both physically and academically from my teaching experience and patient instruction. As a result of over 30 years teaching experience, I have learnt creative teaching methods that engage and captivate children's attention, enabling them to focus, achieve and benefit from every activity taught. Regular movement promotes healthy sleeping routines, improves emotional and physical wellbeing but best of all children are happier when they are moving, learning and having fun!.

For Ages

4 to 7 years


29th June - 3 July
20th - 24th July, 2020

Balls, beanbags, hoops, ropes.
Mini trampolines, mats, tunnels.
Parachute, scarves, ribbons.
Wide variety of soft large equipment

Movement activities to support:
Social interaction
Team work
Self Regulation
Healthy habits

Skill Focus Areas:
Locomotive Movement
Spatial Awareness
Dynamic Balance
Manipulative Skills
Axial Stability
Static Balance