Online Curriculum

MoovKids Online Curriculum

MoovKids is a unique online movement curriculum focusing on the physical development of three to seven year old children as well as children and adults with special needs

What We Do

We provide comprehensive on-line lessons that can be easily integrated into any setting. The focus is on overall body development so that the children become well-coordinated, physically confident and better prepared for the physical and academic challenges that lie ahead of them.

What We Value

We believe in the importance of movement, exercise and focused physical development teaching in the early years. We value passion, competence, commitment and determination. This comes through in our unique lessons.

What We Strive For

We aim to reach children all around the world and to help parents and educators alike make a difference in the lives of young children by providing comprehensive lessons and teacher support.

Who Can Use MoovKids?

› Parents
› Kindergartens
› Daycare Centers
› After School Programs
› Home School Educators
› Sports Clubs
› Special Needs
› Childcare Providers
› Curriculum Planners
› Fitness Centers

About the Program

The program providing twenty skill focused lesson plans, instructional videos and teaching guidelines will enable parents and educators to confidently teach the fun innovative activities to early learners. 

Each lesson contains...

› Six skill focused activities
› Instructional videos and photos
› Comprehensive written instructions
› Level appropriate teaching suggestions
› Safety Precautions
› Equipment guidance

How the Program can be implemented

One activity from the lesson plan can be done each day.

A lesson can be taught in two parts.

The lesson activities can be implemented throughout the day, both in doors and outdoors.

Activities from all lessons can be randomly selected and taught. 

Benefits of the MoovKids program

You are given the tools and guidance to successfully teach the activities.

The use of a constructive movement program will add value to what you offer parents.

The equipment used is affordable, durable and can be purchased from MoovKids.

Anyone is capable of teaching the activities by watching the instructional videos and reading the given guidelines.

The activities can be taught in different environments and situations.

The program is suitable for different ages and abilities.

You can successfully make a difference to a child's coordination by teaching the MoovKids activities.

What you need to teach the MoovKids Activities

› A teaching area suitable for movement.

› Equipment - balls, beanbags, hoops and ropes.

› Allocated time for exercise and movement.

› Energy and a passion for exercise and working with young children.

The MoovKids program is now ready for purchase.
You can visit the website HERE

If you are would like further information or wish to have a demo of the MoovKids program please do email us directly at